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Note to Reader: Kabul Girls Soccer club was published in hardcover under the title However Tall the Mountain - same book, but with a new title.

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In 1981, when Awista Ayub was only two years old, her family fled Afghanistan for the United States, where Awista flourished, thanks to organized athAwistaAyubletics—and where she vowed to make a difference in her home country some day. Soon after the fall of the Taliban, Awista saw her chance: She founded the Afghan Youth Sports Exchange, an organization dedicated to nurturing Afghan girls through soccer. What began with eight young women has exploded into something of a phenomenon. Fifteen teams now compete in an organized league, with hundreds of girls participating through the Afghanistan Football Federation.

coverIn Kabul Girls Soccer Club, she tells her story and the stories of the eight original girls, with whom she has kept in touch. Timely, heartfelt, and moving, it shows how women can find strength in each other, in teamwork, and in themselves—risking their lives to obtain the freedom that we take for granted.


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Awista Ayub has movingly captured the indomitable spirit of Afghan women in this chronicle of brave girls who risked persecution and worse to pursue the dreams of ordinary childhood. In doing what they love most in life – playing soccer – the girls become emblems of the fight for equality and human rights under the Taliban. Their story reminds us that there is always hope and possibility for a brighter future – even in the wreckage left by war and conflict."

- Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton

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